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Multiple reasons why you should choose us over other online providers

We’re Autonomous

As we are not affiliated with any of the insurance carriers we present, our only mission is to provide you with an unbiased selection of the most relevant and affordable options.

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We go to great lengths to make sure that all the information you provide us is safe and private behind the most sophisticated encryption software. Because your privacy is our concern.

We’re Efficient

Forget about the time-wasting ordeals of the past, with long forms and endless questions. Getting insurance through the Pretected system is faster than you can get yourself into trouble.

We’re Experienced

Connecting thousands of Americans to their right policies on a daily basis. That is all we do. We give you the right information to help you make the right choices. It works.

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Ax Rate just has a great data lead. When we call people, they remember that they filled out the information and asked for a quote ... And I love the fact that we can get a good, consistent volume of leads.
Rebecca H
Allstate Agent

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Join with over hundreds of customers in your area who already saved big

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