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Auto insurance is crucial for every driver. It is the only type of insurance that the government mandates. Therefore, not having it is not an option, and finding the right insurance can be a headache. For this reason, the following information is meant to help ease the pain of choosing the right car insurance, by revealing the discounts they allow for their drivers.

Progressive Insurance is probably one of the most famous auto insurance companies due primarily to their clever commercials and comic spokeswoman (Flo). Like their commercials tout, they offer several types of discounts; more than one policy = 10% reduction; multi-vehicles =30% discount, and good driver = 26% reductions in rates. For more than one driver in the family, Progressive’s discounts are a welcome change for the driver who follows the law and obeys the rules of the road.

Allstate is another well-established auto insurance company, represented in their commercials by a distinguished man with a deep and cathartic voice, telling drivers: you’re in good hands with Allstate. Allstate offers numerous discounts for its drivers, depending on the driver’s history. For example, they give up to a 35% discount for what they refer to as the Teen-SMART-Discount driver. Their commercial spokesman always announces their accident forgiveness approach to their drivers, and they don’t disappoint with a 30% discount for accidental forgiveness. With this much of a decrease in rates, the driver will soon believe they are in good hands with Allstate.

GEICO is another insurance company with innovative commercials and a talking Gekko. They offer their drivers some of the most extensive discounts, such as Good Driver Discount at 26% off and 25% discount for a passive restraint system (airbags and seatbelts). They also provide Anti-Theft Devices, Emergency/Deployment, and Federal Employee discounts, each at a 25% rate reduction. 

AAA isn’t just for roadside emergencies. They also offer auto insurance with several discounts. For example, they provide a 20% discount for good drivers, students away at school with a 30% reduction, and a farm vehicle discount at a whopping 59% off. They also offer discounts just for being a loyal driver. 

Liberty Mutual is another insurance company that provides entertainment via their funny commercials and discount promoting statements. This company meets the expectations. For example, they give a 22% discount for the good driver, 25% off for an anti-theft device, and reduce the rates for drivers, such as Advanced Shoppers, with a 45% drop in monthly payments. 

Nationwide joins the companies listed above with their entertaining commercials. Who doesn’t remember their catchy and melodious jingle: Nationwide is on your side. The discounts they offer will make the driver believe this company is on their side. Multiple policies with Nationwide will get you a 25% discount for having more than one car and the same value for a family. 

Esurance is an online company that offers their drivers some nice discounts. For example, they offer a 40% rate reduction for the good driver and 25% off an anti-theft device. They provide a 10% discount for the good student and 5% off for multiple vehicles. 

State Farm is one of the most popular auto insurance companies, and rightfully so. They offer a multitude of discounts for those who qualify. For example, the driver who has good credit will get up to an 80% discount. They will give a 40% discount for driving a new car, and 30% off for good driving habits. 

The auto insurance companies listed above are National companies. This means they can cover any driver anywhere he/she lives. The following list of companies is regional, meaning they only cover drivers who reside in a particular state. 

For example, Auto-Owners is an insurance company that covers most of the lower, middle, and upper eastern states, including Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and Arizona. Auto-Owners offer several discounts for their drivers, such as 31% off for multiple vehicles and a Student Away at School discount of 25%. Even more so, they will reduce insurance costs by 10%, just for having anti-lock brakes. 

Mercury is another regional insurance company operating in only eleven states, including California and New York. Mercury offers a substantial discount of 73% for drivers with good credit ratings. They also have a discount of 26% for multiple drivers. They also offer a 10% drop in rates for the good student in the household. 

Direct Auto covers drivers living in the southeastern part of the country, such as Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Illinois. This company offers some well-earned discounts for their servicemen and women drivers, such as a military discount of 25% and multiple vehicle discounts. They offer the good driver and good student discount at 10% off, and it’s easy to see that this auto insurance would do well in a military household.

Badger Mutual covers the southwest and northeast part of the country. This company has some attractive discounts for their drivers. These include good credit discount at 33%, multiple vehicle discount at 15%, and even a discount for the mature driver at 10% off. 

Country Financial covers only the North Central part of the nation, making it a regional insurance company with some decent discounts. For example, Country Financial will offer up to 25% off for the good student discount. They offer a 10% discount to those with a new car, and they go as far as offering 5% off to the newly engaged couple. 

Erie Insurance insures those who live in the Mid-Atlantic and North Central parts of the U.S. They offer discounts for multiple vehicles at 15%, and cars with anti-theft devices will get an extra 5% off. 

Overall, there are some reputable auto insurance companies that value offering discounts to their drivers, some of them National companies, and some of them are regional. What is essential for the driver to understand is that when choosing car insurance, he/she must find discounts they qualify for because it is these discounts that make car insurance affordable, and nobody wants to pay more than they have to for auto insurance.

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