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Finding the right car insurance can be a frustrating and confusing endeavor. However, with the right resources, one can determine the most cost-effective insurance available. For example, there are numerous blogs to discover that discusses car insurance and offer guidance to drivers. Some of these blogs include articles about the best car insurance for teenagers as well as seasoned drivers. Besides these, one can read about the discounts available to those with excellent driving records. What is important to remember is that car insurance isn’t just about age or experience; it’s also about the type of car, the gender of the driver, and the location where the driver resides.

Within these articles, these issues, such as the difference in premiums due to gender, are explained. For example, according to the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control, gender is important when determining car insurance because male drivers are more likely to drive erratically, more likely to speed and drive under the influence of a narcotic. This is essential for parents to understand before purchasing a car for the male teenager in the home. For example, a male teen, age 16, will pay more than $490 per month instead of a female teen of the same age, who will pay roughly $475 a month. At 17, the male teen will spend almost $500 per month, whereas the female teen will pay about $479.

But, it is at age 18 where auto insurance is the most expensive. An 18-year-old male will pay over $500 a month, but auto insurance will go down to roughly $450 a month for a female driver, age 18. With rates this high, the teenage driver must maintain a safe driving record or risk even higher rates.

There are ways for the teen driver to obtain and keep affordable auto insurance. They can do this by remaining on their parent’s automobile policy as long as possible and purchasing an older car as well as a safe car. These factors are essential for drivers at any age, but they are significant for the teenage driver, who is already considered a high-risk driver. In addition, there are insurance companies that offer discounts for teens.

Progressive Insurance provides teenagers different options, making them more affordable. This insurance company will provide numerous discounts, such as more than one driver in the household, and discounts for bundling auto and home insurance. Farmers is another auto insurance that offers deals for teen drivers and students and those with the safest driving record.

Then there is Direct Auto, an insurance company specializing in covering the more risky driver, such as teens. Similar to Farmers, they also offer student discounts and discounts for those with more than one policy. This insurance company is best suited for parents who want their teenagers covered by a different company. Another topic discussed is Another resource for parents is the average cost of car insurance per month.

It is difficult enough to watch your child grow into a teenager, but handing that teen a pair of keys and hoping they don’t get in an accident is another reason parents panic. Nonetheless, if teenagers are going to drive, the parents deserve to know the average cost they will pay per month to keep their teen safe and insured without breaking the bank.

Aside from auto insurance for the teenage driver, there are other factors for the average driver to consider when purchasing car insurance. For example, the average monthly cost of car insurance within the U.S. is approximately $230. For those looking to find the best rates, consider the location.

Someone living in a suburban area will pay less for car insurance than a city dweller due to less population and fewer automobiles, which equals fewer chances of an accident. However, a suburbanite will pay more than someone in a rural area for the same reason; more people equals more traffic, which means a higher possibility of an accident.

Then there are the major cities, where auto insurance rates are high, no matter the driver. Big cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, will charge more for auto insurance than Omaha, Nebraska. New Yorkers will pay an average of $280 per month, and Angelinos will spend roughly $316 to insure their car. Drivers in Houston, Texas, will pay approximately $320 a month, and Chicago residents will spend about $216.

Some companies offer discounts, but it is essential to understand that location is a significant factor, just like driving records when searching for affordable car insurance. However, this does not mean that you are stuck paying a large monthly auto insurance bill.

There are companies listed according to price, and it is in the driver’s best interest to investigate and find the one that offers the best price. Metromile, for example, charges its’ customers $107 per month, whereas Liberty Mutual charges over one hundred dollars more, averaging $252 a month.

Therefore, it is crucial to take your time looking for the most cost-effective auto insurance because whatever the amount is, it will go up substantially if there are accidents or speeding tickets. Therefore, all drivers must adhere to the rules of the road to remain insured. Another resource is breaking down car insurance factors. For example, some individuals can only afford the state minimum liability coverage, not full coverage.

Then there is 50/100/50 liability coverage, and lastly, 50/100/50 plus 1,000 comprehensive and collision insurance, which is considered full coverage.  This type of insurance is the most expensive, but it provides the best coverage for the driver. Another factor determining car insurance is the driver’s credit rating, and the better your credit score, the lower your auto insurance. Someone with an excellent rating will pay roughly $250 a month, compared to someone with a poor credit score, who will have to pay as much as $400.

In the end, it is up to the driver to find the best auto insurance rates, maintain a clean record and follow the rules of the road. And with the information provided, hopefully, they will be successful at locating the most affordable and comprehensive car insurance that best suits their needs.


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